My InstaAlbum – Save My Instagram Photos & Share

My InstaAlbum is an iPhone app that lets you to make the best use of Instagram. If you are like me, who wants to keep track of your Instagram photos, then this is the app for you.

You can organize the photos by date and month for easy access. The photos can be tagged with appropriate keywords which makes it easy to search for photos. You can use any of your Instagram photos on your Twitter profile. Photos can be uploaded on Facebook and Dropbox at once.

This app is available in the iTunes. So give My InstaAlbum, a try now.


  • Enjoy the photos in easy & various ways everywhere, everytime!
  • Change Twitter profile pic with wonderful photos .
  • Upload Instagram photos to Dropbox or Facebook at once.
  • Share Instagram photos to Twitter or Facebook anywhere, any time!

My InstaAlbum Says

My InstaAlbum Helps You Organize And Save Your Instagram Photos.”
“If you’re one that wants to keep track of your own Instagram photos, then this does a great job of it.”

Web Says

My InstaAlbum – Save My Instagram Photos & Share



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