Multwiple – twitter app for effectively managing multiple twitter accounts

Multwiple is a wonderful twitter app and comes in handy for those with multiple twitter accounts.

Multiple accounts are displayed in a tabbed interface.  The navigation menu for accessing all the features available is a bliss. You wouldn’t be lost even though there are a lot of features. Another nice thingy is viewing links shared on twitter. When you click a link, it opens in a new window with the tweet still at the top!

If you are one of those with multiple twitter accounts, do give Multwiple a try.


  • Secure OAuth-based Login
  • Uniform easy-to-use interface
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Quick multiple A/c updates
  • Follow links with the tweet

Multwiple Says

Manage multiple twitter accounts


  • Multwiple – Manage multiple twitter accounts


  • @multwiple – Tweet using multiple twitter accounts. Simple and easy to use interface.
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