MrTweet – your personal networking assistant

MrTweet is your P.A. (as in Personal Assistant) for twitter. Twitter has millions of users and it gets tough to follow the most ineteresting and exciting users.

You get suggestions to follow new twitter users whom you may find interesting. MrTweet also informs you about the twitter users who follow you but whom you do not follow back.

Useful stats about your twitter usage like the number of updates per day, the percentage of your tweets that contain links and those that are conversations etc.

Your chances of being recommended by MrTweet to fellow twitter users increases if any of your twitter friends have recommended you!


  • Suggest good people and followers you are missing out on
  • Recommend you to enthusiastic users relevant to you
  • Regularly update useful stats of your Twitter usage


MrTweet Says

Mr. Tweet helps you easily build meaningful relationships by looking through your network and tweets


  • MrTweet – your personal networking assistant
  • Blog – Fresh Insights For Understanding The Twitterverse!


  • @mrtweet – Your personal networking assistant – just follow me, & I’ll suggest good people you’ve been missing out on, regularly update your stats, & recommend you
  • @mingyeow – Founder/ceo of a people discovery startup. Also check out “Discovery is the new cocaine” here: and Mr Tweet:
  • @ambivalence – Thinker and Builder. Entrepreneur crazy about data, personalization and relevance. Creator of @MrTweet
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