Moomeo – share any email with your twitter and facebook friends

Moomeo helps you share email with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or just about anyone anywhere!

If you come across a funny or interesting email and wish to share it with your friends, then just send the email to and you would instantly receive a link back to the email. You are now all ready to share the email with anyone in the world!

What I liked about Moomeo is the lack of a sign up page. Really, you don’t need to register to use this service, it’s that simple!

To try the service, just forward an email to


  • Share emails with anyone in the world
  • Easily share email on Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • No registration required


Moomeo Says

At the moment, we’re simply allowing people to share emails.


  • Moomeo – Have an email worth sharing?


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9 thoughts on “Moomeo – share any email with your twitter and facebook friends

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  8. Terry

    How does this work? I forwarded an email from my hotmail account and no link appeared either in hotmail or facebook.

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