MaxiTweet – a unique and better way to shorten those long tweets

MaxiTweet lets you shorten or compress long tweets. There are a lot of tweet compressing tools out there but MaxiTweet makes smart use of Unicode characters to shorten tweets.

Apart from Unicode use, the regular text compression is also supported. There are various levels of compression to choose from.

The site offers what it calls XX5. You can tweet up to 500 characters using this technique. However, your readers would need to visit the site to be able to decode the tweet and read it.


  • Shorten long tweets
  • Makes smart use of Unicode to shorten tweets
  • XX5 allows you to tweet up to 500 character tweets


MaxiTweet Says

Maxitweets are ideal for sending messages that are too long to fit into the 140 character limit set by Twitter. The most unique and useful aspect of Maxitweets is that there is no need for links to other websites: the tweet appears directly on Twitter or Twitter clients.


  • MaxiTweet – More than 140 characters on Twitter


  • @maxitweet – Tweet up to 200 letters – no links needed.
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