MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application

MahTweets is a free and open source desktop application supporting social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A variety of third party sites such as TwitPic, flickr, YFrog etc. are supported. Pics shared using some of the supported third party sites are displayed inline thus making image viewing more convenient. MahTweets automatically splits long tweets for you.

A really useful feature is the option to filter hashtags. You can opt to exclude tweets which contain hashtags that clog your timeline.


  • Open source Twitter and Facebook application
  • Inline Pictures
  • Tweet Splitting
  • Auto expand shortened URLs
  • Filtering of hashtags
  • Multiple uploading services



  • MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application


  • @mahtweets – I’m a WPF Twitter client.
  • @Aeoth – We are the League of Paul, fear us for we are one. MahTweets developer
  • @WillHughes – Not a people person. May explode without warning or apparent provocation.
  • @ShiftKey
  • @UXLuver – WPF/Silverlight designer. I got a black belt in Blend!
  • @NickHodge – Mercurial, Iconoclastic Professional Geek working for Microsoft. Doing stuff with open source & web communities. Lover of programming languages & @mrsnickhodge
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