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Twitter came up with the lists feature very recently, and the app world has already been inundated with apps that put the Lists feature to good use.

Listorious helps you find the best Twitter lists. The way Twi5 is building up a directory of the best Twitter apps, Listorious is planning to do the same with Twitter Lists. Searching lists is easy too and you can search over tags, person or list.


  • Find the best Twitter lists
  • Directory of Twitter lists


Listorious Says

Twitter’s new Lists feature allows anyone to curate the real time web. Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists of Twitter users on any given topic, and for list creator to publicize their lists.



  • @listorious – Discover the most awesome Twitter lists
  • @semel – Tech consultant, web developer, entrepreneur, cofounder (Shorty Awards, CommandShift3, MuckRack, GiantRedCarpet, InkPill, Listorious, more to come…)
  • @gregory – Founder of Sawhorse Media (Shorty Awards + Muck Rack + ???) and Venture Voice
  • @atw – type-wrangling design enthusiast
  • @jefffederman
  • @twatan – Editor, (discover the best lists) + (Colleges on Twitter); Vice President, NYU Steinhardt’s Comm Club.
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