ListOfTweets – Create your own tweet lists

ListOfTweets helps you get into the current “List Mania” surrounding the web. Everyone out there is busy creating lists in order to attract traffic to their site. Why not create a list of tweets too!?

You can search tweets to add to your list by either entering a search term or a particular twitter user’s username. You can then choose to have all or a few selected tweets as part of your list. Once a tweet list is created, you can use the list anywhere by copying it as HTML or plain text.

Here’s a small list of @twi5‘s tweets :


  • Create list of tweets
  • Enter search terms or twitter username to get the related tweets
  • Copy your list as HTML or plain text


ListOfTweets Says

List Of Tweets  lets you build up a list of tweets from search results, which you can convert to HTML or text.

The list doesn’t empty unless you clear it, so you can keep running searches and adding to the list.



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