LetsFollow – give a reason why you should be followed


LetsFollow is a twitter app which allows you to enter a reason why you think people should follow you on twitter.

However, you need to enter your twitter password before your reason can be made available on the site for eveyone to see.

To find out the reason for any twitter user (if they have entered one at the site) just append the username at the end of the LetsFollow URL.

Example: http://www.letsfollow.com/example would give you the follow reason for a user named “example”.


  • Enter a reason why people should follow you on twitter
  • Downside is that you need to enter your twitter password


LetsFollow Says

LetsFollow.com is your new standard to follow each other on Twitter, Tell us “Why someone follow You?” in just 149 characters Only! So lets Follow each other on Twitter for a Reason!


  • LetsFollow – lets follow each other on twitter; for a reason
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