Kwitty- A Chrome Application Of Twitter

Having the most popular browser, Google Chrome on your system and still using the Twitter in old styles?? Come on, it’s 2012, let show others that you are running with the same pace as the world is. There are many apps developed for Twitter for use with your Chrome, but Kwitty is shining in the long queue.

Kwitty is a Chrome application of Twitter, which is quite simple to use, Yes, but offers your advanced features. In fact, it’s a Chrome app for Twitter that can be tagged as ‘Do less, Get More.’ This app offers you official retweet and quote style RT.

Sick of getting short URLs on your timeline? This app enables you to have a preview of the link and you can view the rich content like Videos and Photos inline. Choose from 24 themes to use on your Twitter timeline and customize the background, the way you want.

Using the app does not require you to download any thing or to go through any sign up process. Simply sign in by authorizing your Twitter account and get ready to use this awesome Chrome app.

Still thinking to use it or not? We recommend you to use it. So give it a try now.


  • Official retweet or quote style RT
  • URL preview inline
  • Compact view in a Window
  • Background customization
  • 24 kind of themes to choose from
  • Completely free to use

Kwitty Says

Kwitty is a local, simple and tab based Twitter web application from Chrome.

Web Says

Kwitty– A Chrome Application Of Twitter.

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