Kisstagram- The Hot Or Not For Instagram

If you have been a fan of Internet dating and meet -ups, then you must be familiar with the popular website, Hot or Not. Now you can enjoy the same with your Instagram using Kisstagram.

Kisstagram is a web-based app for Instagram that lets you to go through the pictures of beautiful girls from Instagram and to give your view on them. Well, the user interface is simple. You point to their website, there you can see two photos of beautiful girls divided by a line in them. Kisstagram asks you, “Who would you kiss…” and you give your answer by clicking on photo. You can click the ‘Spin’ to see the next set of photos.

If you are a beautiful girl (if not, then also OK), then you are openly invited to be a part of Kisstagram. Select your best photo in Instagram and comment it with the tag of #kisstagram. Your image will be live on Kisstagram within 15 mins and people will show their love for you via virtual kisses.

Kisstagram has their Leaderboard where they show the most loved photos. If you are good enough, then your photo can also be shining there. Read the guidelines before you proceed, from here.

You should give Kisstagram, a try now.


  • Experience popular website Hot or Not with Instagram
  • See the photos of beautiful girls and choose ‘Who would you like to kiss’
  • Get listed on their site by tagging your Instagram photo with #kisstagram
  • Get featured in Leaderboard by getting immense response from other users
  • Completely free to use

Hot or Not For Instagram

Kisstagram Says

Flick through thousands of members and find the ones you would like to kiss.

Web Says

Kisstagram– The Hot Or Not for Instagram





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