JustUnfollow – unfollow non followers on twitter

JustUnfollow is a simple unfollow twitter app that lets you unfollow non followers. Basically, the app displays twitter users who do not follow you. This apps not built for bulk unfollowing (actually any twitter app offering bulk unfollow is violating Twitter TOS).

At any point, JustUnfollow would display 50 of your non-followers to you. You can then view info about each of the non-followers and unfollow those you think are not worth following.

JustUnfollow uses twitter oAuth for authentication so there’s no need to share your twitter password. Just sign in using your twitter account and view your non followers. Then, choose which non-followers on twitter to unfollow.

Update: JustUnfollow has launched a new feature that let’s you follow users who are already following you. So, if there’s someone who’s following you but isn’t being followed back, you can easily follow them using JustUnfollow!

Update2: You can now ‘whitelist’ non followers in case you do not wish to unfollow them. This feature comes in handy when you are following important accounts, accounts of celebs etc. and you know they won’t follow you back but you still want to follow them.


  • Unfollow twitter users who do not follow you
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • You can choose individual non followers to unfollow

JustUnfollow Says

Unfollow Twitter users who do not follow you


  • JustUnfollow – Unfollow twitter users who do not follow you


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26 thoughts on “JustUnfollow – unfollow non followers on twitter

  1. Pingback: michaelanschel (michaelanschel)

  2. Joe

    Nice app! Thanks for creating it. Looking forward to the day when it displays all non-followers (and not just 50)

    And congrats on the TC post!

  3. Nischal Shetty Post author


    Glad you liked JustUnfollow. I’m figuring out a way to display all the non followers without allowing spammers to ruin my site. Will do something about it soon πŸ™‚

  4. Mavrik

    Great idea for an App, but unfortunately it doesnt work.

    It shows a list of “Non Followers” but the majority of the people shown, in fact follow me!

    Hope to see this fixed soon, as its a great idea.

  5. Nischal Shetty Post author


    It works for most of the twitter users. Only if you have more than 5000 friends or followers will the bug kick in. The bug will be fixed in the next update over the weekend. I have a lot of features lined up that will make your experience even better, keep checking the app, more awesomeness to follow πŸ˜‰

  6. Claudio

    It seems a great application. My questios are:

    1. Does it handle “twiter limits” as of today April, 2010?

    2. What penalties would Twitter apply to the users of it?


  7. Nischal Shetty Post author


    1. Do you mean the maximum unfollow limits that twitter has put in place? Twitter hasn’t really given out a specific number but JustUnfollow restricts users at 50 unfollow per day.
    2. There are no penalties, JustUnfollow has been reviewed by one of the twitter staff and given the go-ahead πŸ™‚

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  9. Who Craig

    I’m begging you, why not just make it bulk unfollow, with a small amount? Like 15 or 20? I wasn’t aware I had 625 non followers. None of them are celebrities so I’m not gonna treat them as such. But to unfollow each individual? T_T haha

  10. Nischal Shetty Post author

    Twitter’s terms state that no app is allowed to provide bulk unfollow option. So you will have to individually unfollow your non followers on twitter.

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