Jusgramm- Texting With Instagram

If you are looking for some convenient way to share text from your iOS based device to Instagram, then Jusgramm is for you.

You can create beautiful graphical messages with this app and can share them instantly on Instagram. You can customize this app according to the way you want by selecting any theme from the list of 84 themes that comes with it. Font size, color and font family can be changed easily and you can also add emoticons to make your messages more effective in expressing your thoughts.

You should try Jusgramm now.


  • Instagram Sharing
  •  Save to Photo Album
  • Email Sharing
  • 89 Cool Emoticons
  • iMessage Sharing

Jusgramm- Texting With Instagram

Jusgramm Says

Fastest instagram and imessage sharing app (No loading fonts and themes, Instant sharing).

Create beautiful graphical text messages to be shared via Instagram and iMessage.

Web Says

Jusgramm– Texting With Instagram




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