Instalikes- Photo Editing to Get More Likes on Instagram

Instalikes is an awesome app for iOS 5.0 or higher devices that enables you to get more and more likes on your Instagram photos.

The trick is done via editing photos and by adding fun and powerful Like-Magnets. These Like-Magnets trap the people to double tap on your photos to increase likes and followers at a rapid speed.

You can choose from a no. of Like-Magnets. Some of the magnets are;  ‘Double tap to fix this broken heart’ ,  ‘Tag your favorite instagramer’ ,  ‘Double tap to play the video‘ etc.  These magnets make people to double tap on photos and hence you get more likes and comments and make a strong community on Instagram.

This app is completely free to use. You should give Instalikes, a try now.


  • Get more likes on your pics
  • Multiply your followers
  • Increase your comments
  • Make your photos go VIRAL
  • Get on the Popular Page!

Instalikes Says

Getting more likes and followers is the only way to get your photos featured on the Popular Page and using Instalikes increases your chances of becoming the next big Instagram celebrity.

Web Says

Instalikes– Photo editing to get more likes on Instagram



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