InstaBAM – Find Photos And People From Around The World on Instagram

InstaBAM is a web-based app that lets you to explore Instagram, the way you want. It’s a location based search engine for Instagram.

You can search for photos in any location by just entering the name of it. InstaBAM will find out that location on in-built Google Map and will pull all the photos within 5000 meter of that location.

You can use the ‘Find Photos Near Me’, which will track your physical location and then will pull the photos that are near to you. You can click on the photo to see the user who uploaded it. The Follow button is also displayed along with the user name that enables you to follow that user right from the InstaBAM.

It’s completely free to use. Give InstaBAM a try now.


  • Explore Instagram in the way you want
  • Search for Instagram photos nearby you
  • Search for Instagram photos according to location
  • Follow the users, within this app

Find Photos and People from around the world on Instagram

InstaBAM Says

InstaBAM allows you to find photos and users by location, with the ability to target any place in the world using the built-in Google Map search function. Once you select a spot, InstaBAM! will pull in all the photos within 5000 metres of that location.

Web Says

InstaBAM – Explore Instagram


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