Insta-great – Popular Instagram Photos With Horizontal Scrolling

Insta-great is a web-based app for Instagram that lets you to have a view of photos with horizontal scrolling. This app provides better view of Instagram photos than the traditional style of Instagram itself.

You can see popular images on their homepage and can scroll to the next images with horizontal scrolling. The photo in the middle is displayed in higher vision and by hovering your mouse to that image brings info about it, like date of uploading that pic, tag and info of user by which the image is uploaded. Moreover, you can tweet pics with one click.

Clicking on date shows you the images uploaded on that date. You can also click on user name to see the images by that particular user.

This app is completely free to use. You should give Insta-great, a try now.


  • Popular Instagram photos with horizontal scrolling
  • Login with Instagram account to see images of your friends
  • View the images uploaded on specific date and by specific user
  • Completely free to use

Insta-great app allows you to have a horizontal view of popular photos of Instagram

Insta-great Says

Insta-great makes it possible to go beyond the traditional view of Instagram and to enjoy photos with horizontal scrolling.

Web Says

Insta-great – Popular Instagram photos with horizontal scrolling





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