Inoqo – last moment hotel bookings through Twitter

Inoqo aims to get travellers the best hotel deals at the last moment. Say you need a room at a short notice of 48 hours, Inoqo is the place to get a good bargain.

The site makes use of twitter to help you get the best hotel deals in real-time. Hotels post last minute deals on Inoqo. Inoqo has city specific twitter accounts. The deals are posted on the appropriate twitter account. So if you plan to travel to London, you should make it a point to follow the twitter account specific to that city so that you get a good last minute hotel deal and save yourself some cash!


  • Get last minute hotel deals on twitter
  • Real-time offers from hotels in the city you travel to
  • Best way to get rooms at a relatively short notice


Inoqo Says

Inoqo (in-OH-ko) is the best way to find true last-moment, great value hotel packages.

We connect travelers who need a hotel room at the last-moment, with hotels that are eager to fill rooms. Both sides win!


  • Inoqo – Never too late to book


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