IndiTweet – tweet in Indian languages

IndiTweet is a simple twitter app that does just one thing – allows users to tweet in a few Indian languages.

You can choose from around 9 languages right now. So get started and start tweeting in Indian languages!


  • Tweet in Indian languages
  • Around 9 languages available

IndiTweet Says

indiTweet is a simple utility with which you can easily tweet in Indian languages. indiTweet supports phonetic typing in Indian languages.


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3 thoughts on “IndiTweet – tweet in Indian languages

  1. Prashanth

    You can just use Google transliterate bookmarklets which transforms any text box on any web page into transliterate text box! I find it more convenient since I don’t have to navigate to any other page, it just enables Indic typing in Twitter homepage itself. Check it over here:

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