iFollowBack – follow and be followed back

iFollowBack helps you connect with twitter users who pledge to follow you back if you follow them!

The concept is simple. If you are ready to follow back at least 90% of the people who follow you then you can register at this site.

iFollowBack would help you gain followers since there would be a lot of twitter users who are eager to follow back.


  • Join if you are ready to follow back at least 90% of your followers
  • Increase your twitter follower count
  • Connect with more twitter users


iFollowBack Says

It is a way to get followed, and the a way to follow back your friends and networks on Twitter.



  • @Jerell – Husband in love to @Salus, cofounder www.ShopSalus.com Bath & Body Care, Blogger of www.TwitterTruth.com, Creator of www.iFollowBack.com, MBA, PMP, US Marin
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