Huitter Mutuality – Bulk unfollow twitter users not following you

Update: Huitter Mutuality has been shutdown! For Unfollowing Non-Followers you can alternatively try . It works pretty well, has been developed by me. There is a free version with a limit on number of unfollows per day as well as a paid version with unlimited unfollows.

Huitter Mutuality is a new twitter web application that allows twitter users to bulk unfollow those who do not follow back.

If you hit the twitter follow limit and are no longer able to follow twitter users, you can very well give Huitter a try and bulk unfollow those twitter users who do not follow you.

Huitter is similar to other bulk unfollow apps such as Twitter Karma, FlashTweet and TwitIn.

Please Note: Huitter does not give you the option to choose which non followers to unfollow. Once you enter your twitter username and password, all those that are not following you are unfollowed. This means that if there are any discrepancies in this app then you might end up unfollowing those who follow you.

You can use the application only 3 times.


  • Bulk unfollow twitter users who do not follow you
  • No option to manually select users to unfollow, its automated


Huitter Says

Mutuality is a free simple service allows you to bulk unfollow people not following you.


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21 thoughts on “Huitter Mutuality – Bulk unfollow twitter users not following you

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  8. Scott

    Its only Free the first 3X, then there’s a strangely written message that states:

    “Sorry, but this script usage is limited for three times. If you want to continue please use another script. If you want to request another service just comment this post”

    Following the “another script” link leads you to an redirect where they want a unknown monthly fee, for an unknown service.

  9. Alex

    Hello Nischal,
    I’m an author of
    Thank you for your review.

    Let me introduce the new version of “mutuality” tool: now it has a progress bar, realtime counters and the results page where you can see who was unfollowed (or followed, it depends from tool’s work mode).

    Also I’ve done GTalk2Twitter tool that catches your Google Talk statuses and post them to Twitter.

    Best regards,

  10. zak

    twitter are changing the rules and banning applications that bulk unfollow, this will be a shake up for many applications but for many more spam users

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