HiveMind – follow users that a group of your friends follow on Twitter

HiveMind helps you by finding out Twitter users that a group of your twitter friends follow but you don’t follow them.

You need to mention a set of friends. HiveMind will check for common twitter users that your friends seem to be following. It’ll then check to see if you follow them too. If not, then such twitter users would be displayed to you and you can start following them.


  • Follow twitter users whom a group of your friends follow
  • Helps follow interesting twitter users


HiveMind Says

Hivemind shows you who you’re missing on Twitter. Give hivemind up to five Twitter users that interest you, and it will report back on who those people as a group are all following that you aren’t.

If four of the people you’re interested in all follow someone, don’t you want to know about it? Maybe it’s someone you’ve decided isn’t worth your time, but maybe you’re just missing out and you don’t even know it.


  • HiveMind – Who you’re missing out on
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