Gymi – The Digital Age Personal Trainer

Gymi is a free personal trainer available via Facebook messenger that can save you hours at the gym by helping you with:

  1. Workout of The Day – Your daily workout challenges
  2. Browse Workouts – Find out best workout for the part of body you most fret about
  3. Fitness Store – Training programs & supplements you should opt for
  4. Meal Plan – That helps you get in shape with a right diet
  5. Exercise Videos – Illustrations of how to exercise the right way
  6. Healthy Recipes – Fitness is about eating healthy too with the right recipes


Gymi allows you to buy fitness products using native payments directly through Facebook messenger. It’s a synergy between personal trainers, athletic coaches and technology experts to bring you fitness at your fingertips. From beginners to experts, there is something for each one here to suit their body goals. Procrastinating hitting the gym everyday? Well, then Gymi is Just for You!


  • A fun way to stay fit from anywhere and everywhere
  • Free personalised fitness tips
  • Workout routines planned by fitness professionals
  • Live chat through Facebook messenger

Gymi says

Your personal trainer powered by Artificial Intelligence. Live fit with daily workouts, live chat, motivation and personalised fitness plan.

A Gymi User says

This is the future of personalised fitness.

Web says

gymi – Your Free Personal Trainer




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