GuerrillaTweets – twitter mobile marketing!

GuerrillaTweets is a mobile marketing solution which helps you share your tweets with anyone, even if they aren’t twitter users!

You can create events, collect feedback etc. with people having a cell phone. Users would just need to send a simple text code to 41411 (currently US only). Not only can users get information, they can even post to your hashtag by texting the hashtag followed by their message.

GuerrillaTweets can come in handy for local bands and musicians, conference planners and attendees, individual business owners and almost everyone else who wants to market something to customers.


  • Market products through twitter
  • Users can get information using a text code
  • Useful for marketers, conference planners, individual business owners


GuerrillaTweets Says

GuerillaTweets is a powerful mobile marketing and dialogue solution that extends Twitter by making Tweets accessible via SMS.

With GuerillaTweets, you can promote events, collect feedback or even have a conversation with more people by making posts instantly available to anyone with a cell phone.

No Twitter subscriptions or smartphones required – just a simple text code is all they need to get your latest update or participate, anytime, anywhere.



  • @guerrillatweets – GuerillaTweets is a powerful mobile marketing tool that extends Twitter by making Tweets accessible via SMS.
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