Greetter – share photos and videos on twitter

Greeter is yet another photo and video sharing site on the lines of TwitPic, TwitGoo, YFrog etc.

With Greeter you can tag your twitter friends to the uploaded photos just like you tag your friends on FaceBook. You can also embed the photos you upload on your blog or websites.

Greetter allows you to upload images via your mobile by way of emails. Just email the photos to the unique email id that would be provided to you once you login to Greetter.

If you want to share all types of documents you should have a look at FileSocial.


  • Share photos and videos on twitter
  • Tag your twitter friends to photos
  • Embed code available to share the uploaded pics on your blog or website


Greetter Says

Greetter helps you to share Photos,Videos and Texts to Twitter.
You can tag people in these photos and link to their twitter page.
You can view and comment on other photos and Videos.
You don’t have to create a new account with Greetter.
You can login with your existing Twitter account.


  • Greetter – Share photos and videos on twitter


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