GoodBye, Buddy – Get DM when someone unfollows you on twitter

Goodbye, Buddy! is a twitter bot that sends you a DM every time someone unfollows you on twitter.

All you need to do is follow @goodbyebuddy. After that, whenever someone unfollows you, you would receive a DM informing about the twitterer who unfollowed you.

A lot of twitter users are on the lookout for apps that tell them about unfollowers. May be because they want to get in touch with these unfollowers and ask them what made them unfollow. Or may be they want revenge and unfollow them as well!


  • Twitter bot that informs you when someone unfollows you on twitter
  • Just follow @goodbyebuddy and get unfollowers sent as DM



  • GoodByeBuddy – Get DM when someone unfollows you on Twitter


  • @goobyebuddy – Follow me and I’ll send you a DM when someone unfollows you. And hey, I’ve busted 388893 unfollowers so far!
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