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Internet’s filled with Twitter tools and in this post I am going to review a great tool for Twitter, named as ‘’. You might have seen many tools for Twitter but most of them fall in the same category. Here is something unique in this awesome online Twitter tool. This app notifies you whenever there is an update to your Twitter friends bio!

It’s a trend going on that Twitter users keep on changing their profile images and bio as well. I’m sure that you will not like to miss any update in your friend’s profile. Keeping the track of this manually is none less than impossible task. This is where this Twitter tool comes into role. All you need to do is to simply signup at ‘’, which is completely free. This tool will send you email alert as soon as there is any update in your friend’s profile image or bio.If you don’t wish to receive daily alerts, then you can opt for weekly and monthly alerts option. It will send you complete report of one week or month, depending on your selection.

So shock your friends by telling them, what they changed in their Twitter profile and when. They will get confused that, ‘How do you know everything?’

You should try Bioischanged now.


  • Automatically searches about the changes in your friend’s profiles
  • Sends you email alert, whenever there is any update
  • Get alert when your friend changes profile image in his/her Twitter account
  • Get alert when your friend changes bio in his/her Twitter account
  • Select the Weekly or Monthly option to get detailed report after a regular interval of time (week or month)

Bioischanged says

Bio Is Changed automatically searches for changes in the bio and profile images of Twitter friends. We’ll keep you up to date by mail with instant, daily or weekly reports!


Bioischanged: Never miss a new picture or change in bio. Get updates as they happen.


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