Geolenz – find a place through twitter

Geolenz is a crowd sourced application built to make use of the millions of people on twitter.

You can ask for the location of any place and Geolenz would help you find it. Users who wish to answer a question can point out a place on a map too.

Geolenz makes use of Twitter oAuth for authentication. The top answerers are displayed on the sidebar (this can help you get some genuine followers you know!).

So the next time you want to know an answer to a question or want to find a place, Geolenz is the site for you.


  • Find a place through twitter
  • Ask questions, help others by answering questions
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


Geolenz Says

Geolenz is a real-time location discovery application. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco Bay Area.

With Geolenz you can quickly ask a question about where something is and just as quickly get an answer back from the community. The answer is in the form of marker(s) on a pictorial map, so you will know exactly where it is located.


  • Geolenz – Let’s find that place


  • @geolenz – Real-time Location Discovery Application for people, places or things.
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