FollowFriday – Twitter ranking and recommendation engine

FollowFriday is a Twitter ranking app which also acts as a Twitter directory and a recommendations management tool where you can check who recommends you, who you have recommended and automatically thank all of them or create Twitter lists in only a couple of clicks.

So, if you want to check out all users who are recommending you using #FF or just want to find new twitter users to follow, FollowFriday seems to do the job well.


  • View users who have recommended you
  • Find and follow new followers

FollowFriday Says

Have you seen a tweet including #FollowFriday (or #ff shortened) and a list of user names preceded by the @ symbol? This tradition was born spontaneously within the Twitter community to recommend your favorite tweeps to your followers. This portal counts all of these recommendations and computes a ranking of the most recommended Twitter users in the world.



  • @followfridaycom – World Twitter ranking of the most recommended tweeps based on the #followfriday recommendations. Check who recommends you and who you have recommended.
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