FollowerWonk – search twitter users by Bio, Name and Location

FollowerWonk has a very useful feature of letting you search over the ‘Bio’ field of all Twitter users.  You can also search over location and names.

Comparison of upto 3 twitter accounts can be performed using FollowerWonk. The site displays various stats for the users such as the followers they have, the number of days the user has been on Twitter, the average new followers per day as well as the average number of tweets per week.


  • Search twitter users by their Bio, Name and location
  • Compare upto 3 twitter user accounts
  • View stats such as common followers, average tweets per week, join date etc.

FollowerWonk Says

Cool way to compare Twitter users.


  • FollowerWonk – Cool stuff with Twitter bios, stats and such


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