FollowCost – how annoying can it be to follow someone on Twitter?

FollowCost is for those who take a cautious approach before following someone on Twitter. If you’re in the habit of looking up the twitter user’s profile and seeing how often a user tweets then this app can be useful for you.

The site displays information about a twitter user such as average updates, the percentage of updates that have been @replies etc.

Basically, FollowCost would help you in finding out how much a Twitter user tweets. For developers, FollowCost provides an API as well.


  • Find out how much a Twitter user tweets
  • API available for developers

FollowCost Says

follow cost measures how much people tweet. We use an absolute scale (average number of tweets per day) but also measure tweets in milliscobles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble’s Twitter output.


  • FollowCost – How annoying will it be to follow someone on Twitter


  • @followcost – How annoying is it to follow Twitterers?
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3 thoughts on “FollowCost – how annoying can it be to follow someone on Twitter?

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    It can get pretty annoying finding real tweeters, but it’s also annoying when someone tweets every damn minute! lol – makes you think they are a robot. I don’t think it’s a good idea to over tweet, people will get annoyed seeing your name come up every 10 seconds! That’s how you lose followers!

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