Filttr – mobile twitter interface from Filttr

Filttr mobile interface helps you tweet easily through your cell phones.

Filttr mobile has all the standard features you would expect from a mobile twitter app. You can easily Reply, Fav, Retweet and DM your friends on twitter. You can click on a username to view the persons bio.

You also get to use most of the features present in the original Filttr web interface. You can make use of the Aliases, Search, upload files etc.


  • Mobile alternative to the Filttr web interface
  • Reply, DM, RT and Fav easily
  • Aliases, Search, upload files features
  • View Timeline, Replies and Favorites


Filttr Says

there are times when you would like to cut out the chirping and just focus on what is important. Filttr makes it easy for you to do just that. our super intelligent birds understand what interests you, and only fetch you the tweets they think you’ll want to see.



  • @filttr – Not now … I haz tweets 2 filttr!
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