Filttr – making sense of twitter

Filttr helps you filter out unwanted tweets from your timeline.

The option to BlackList or WhiteList keywords comes in handy a lot of times when you need to filter out unwanted tweets or want to keep a tab on something that interests you.

The Enhanced Replies feature of Filttr is amazing. It displays all the @replies that you receive along with any mentions of your name by a fellow twitter user.

Filttr has a search box at the top of the page where you can enter your keywords and only tweets containing that keyword would be displayed to you.

The Aliases option helps you view tweets from a selected group of users as well as allows you to specify the keywords that should be present in such tweets.

Filttr allows you to upload files and share those links with your twitter friends. Keyboard shortcuts have been introduced so that you can operate Filttr without using the mouse.

You can get information about any user by clicking their username. Filttr also tells you if the user follows you or not! The destination links of a shortened URL can be viewed by holding your mouse over the link.


  • BlackList or WhiteList keywords
  • Auto Refresh of timeline
  • Hide irrelevant tweets
  • Displays the tweet to which your friend has @Replied
  • Create Groups for a set of friends
  • Assign priority to your friends
  • Full IM support
  • Password not stored until you need IM support
  • Adobe AIR based desktop app (plans underway for a new and better desktop app)
  • Enhanced Replies
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Attach files easily
  • Mobile twitter interface to help you tweet easily over a mobile phone


Filttr Says

there are times when you would like to cut out the chirping and just focus on what is important. Filttr makes it easy for you to do just that. our super intelligent birds understand what interests you, and only fetch you the tweets they think you’ll want to see.



  • @Filttr – Not now … I haz tweets 2 filttr!
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3 thoughts on “Filttr – making sense of twitter

  1. Sathya

    I generally stick to web interface (well, used IM interface when it was available) as I didn’t like most other third party applications – but filttr is simply awesome. The web interface is pretty slick – and nothing beats the IM functionality.

  2. Nischal Shetty Post author


    Yeah, I don’t think there’s a similar IM app for twitter right now. All other IM’s only accept updates but this one takes the cake. Not only receiving @Replies but search too!

    Really impressive 😉

  3. Nasif

    I never use any sort of third party application but “Filttr” sounds interesting to me as it will help to filter irrelevant tweets from twitter page’s timeline.

    Every day followers from different niche follows my profile and you will laugh that people from irrelevant niche which I am not interested like wight-loss, real estate, viagra related etc follow my twitter profile and my page is always filled with bullshit tweets. As a blogger I always want to get relevant tweets and this Filtrt application will definitely satisfy me 🙂

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