Echofon – Twitter apps for iPhone, Mac and Firefox

Echofon has twitter apps for a variety of platforms such as iPhone, Mac and Firefox. The apps now support Facebook too. An important and useful feature of all these Echofon apps is that they sync your unread tweets between the iPhone and desktop apps.

iPhone Twitter app

The iphone app (which I had covered earlier when it was named Twitterfon), has  a free as well as a paid Pro version. The app has push notifications, support for multiple twitter account and more.


Twitter app for Mac

Echofon for Mac has  a nice interface, you can drag and drop photos for posting, the app syncs with your iPhone and sends instant notifications.


Firefox Twitter extension

Keep up with Twitter while you browse the web using Firefox. TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter. Unread tweets can be synced with the iPhone app.



  • Twitter app for iPhone, Mac and Firefox
  • iPhone app available in free and Pro version
  • Sync unread tweets between the desktop and iPhone apps

Echofon Says

Echofon is a family of Twitter apps. Previously Echofon for iPhone was called “TwitterFon” and Echofon for Firefox was called “TwitterFox”.


  • Echofon – Twitter apps that talk to each other


  • @echofon – Twitter app for iPhone, Firefox and Mac.
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