Dr. TweetDreams – analyze your dreams

Dr. TweetDreams analyzes tweets about your dreams and tells you what they mean.

The site makes use of a dream dictionary to analyze what meaning each word holds. To have your dreams analyzed, just tweet about it and then analyze it by entering your twitter username.

You can also have a look at all the recent dreams analyzed by the application.


  • Analyze dreams through your tweets
  • View dreams of other twitter users


Dr. TweetDreams Says

We love talking and speculating about dreams, and Twitter is the perfect place to discuss those subconscious thoughts, images and emotions. Dr. TweetDreams takes those Twitter dream musings and tells you what they mean. Using Gustavus Hindman Miller’s 100 year old dream dictionary, Dr. TweetDreams analyzes the elements of your Tweeted dreams to see what they mean for your past, present and future. Type your Twitter username into the box below and hit analyze to see your dream analysis, or browse Dr. TweetDreams’ collection of recent dreams mentioned on Twitter.



  • @drtweetdreams
  • @alisond – Boston interactive copywriter, social media fashionista and internet marketing blogger. Shopping-obsessed Facebook fanatic and advertising junkie.
  • @DanZarrella – Social and Viral Marketing Scientist. I work at HubSpot.
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