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Have you been using Twitter from a long time and have got many followers till date? Well, if you wish to check whether any particular Twitter user is in your followers list or not, then you must be familiar that how difficult and time consuming this task is. There are many chances, when one needs to find someone special in one’s Twitter account’s followers list. Do you surf the list manually or have any other method to do this task?

Now don’t say that you pluck the leaves one after the other from a small twig. It’s not any romantic movie going on here. Coming to the point, in this post I am going to review the tool to see whether any particular Twitter user follows you or not. The tool is and it is completely free to use.

Using the tool is very simple. Just point your browser to the website and enter your Twitter handle. Click the next step and then enter the Twitter handle of the person whom you want to check whether he/she follows you or not. Click the check button and you are done. The result will be on the screen and from there you can start over the same process to check your relationship with some other twitter user.

You should give DoTheyFollowOrNot a try now.


  • Check whether any particular Twitter user, follows you or not.
  • Easy to use
  • Fully automatic system
  • No sign up or downloading required says

Check whether your idol or loving one, follows you on Twitter or not.

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