Dosisa – Buy and Sell on twitter, no commissions to be paid whatsoever!

I know how painful it is to pay off commissions to sites when you sell something (especially if you’re selling it cheap). Well, worry not, Dosisa is here to help you!

You can buy and sell stuff on twitter without having to pay any commissions. You have the option to start auctions or fixed sales. You can receive offers and bids, choose your preferred payment method and receive email alerts and tweets related to your sales.

Dosisa isn’t the first entrant in the twitter buy sell space, Tazaar, Tweba, TwoTweet etc. are competitors, but any new site that helps buyers and sellers is a welcome addition.


  • Buy and sell anything on twitter
  • No commissions to be paid
  • Choose payment method
  • Get offers and bids
  • Get email and twitter alerts


Dosisa Says

dosisa helps you selling your stuff via twitter to more buyers, sell
anything, no commissions to pay, its FREE


  • Dosisa – Buy Sell on Twitter


  • @dosisa – Buy and Sell on Twitter with
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