DoesFollow – check if someone follows someone else on twitter

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DoesFollow is a simple twitter app that will tell you if a particular user follows you or not.

This is not for checking users in bulk. You can only check with one user at a time. There is no need to enter your twitter password, just the username would do.


  • Find if two twitter users follow each other
  • No password required, just the username will do



  • DoesFollow – Check if a twitter user is following you and vice versa


  • @doesfollow – Check if someone follows someone else on Twitter. Also, check out for a bit of fun.
  • @damon - I’m a shepherd. Software engineer at VitalSource and leader of Austin On Rails. I also build apps like and
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    @garytomwilliams it is not exactly what you need but maybe can help : [link to post]

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  2. great and interesting

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