DestroyTwitter is an Adobe AIR application offering functions and features on the lines of the popular TweetDeck and Twhirl.

You can use DestroyTwitter to update your status as well as a host of other things like @Reply, DM, faving etc.

DestroyTwitter also has Search integrated within it.


  • Get notified of new tweets
  • Search Twitter
  • @Reply, DM, Update and Fav your tweets
  • Displays unread tweet count
  • Keyboard Shortcuts


DestroyTwitter Says

DestroyTwitter is a robust but compact Twitter application built on the Adobe AIR platform.



  • @DestroyTodayFounder of Destroy Today. Developer of DestroyFlickr and DestroyTwitter. Web designer, programmer, photographer at Shaw Jelveh Design.
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2 thoughts on “DestroyTwitter

  1. Srikanth Manda

    DistoyTwitter is really cool. One thing I really liked about it is its RAM usage. While TweetDeck really hogs the RAM and Thwirl too needs a lot of it, DT is a lot better in this regard. And more so when minimized.

    Great looks and themes too!

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