DeleteSavedSearches – delete searches saved on Twitter

DeleteSavedSearches lets you delete unwanted searches that you have saved on twitter. Currently, you can search for keywords on twitter and if need be, you can save the searches for later reference. But, in case you need to delete a saved search, you can login to DeleteSavedSearches and choose which search to delete.

It’s a simple application to help you manage your saved searches. Don’t worry, logging in will not delete the searches automatically. You need to select which searches to delete.


  • Delete saved searches on twitter
  • Helps when you hit the 10 maximum saved searches limit on twitter

DeleteSavedSearches Says

The easy way to delete your saved Twitter searches.



  • @savedsearches – Do you have saved searches that you can’t get rid of? I’ll get rid of them for you.
  • @phoenix_wright – ― Exquisite like cars made in foreign
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