Conversationlist – automatically adds twitter user to your Twitter list

Conversationlist makes a list of twitter users whom you have a conversation with. Basically, it checks for users you @reply to and adds them to your list. This can help you keep tab of the twitter users you personally take interest in having a conversation with.

The list is updated daily and at any given point of time, it wont have more than 25 twitter users in it. Conversationlist makes use of Twitter oAuth.


  • Automatically make a twitter list consisting of users you interact with
  • List updated everyday
  • Contains the 25 most recent friends you have interacted with


Conversationlist Says

To be a little more specific, a “conversationlist” is a Twitter list of the people that you talk to (and about) on Twitter. The list is automatically updated daily, so that it always reflects the people that you are paying attention to right now. If you @reply (or @mention) someone, they’re added to your list. If you stop talking to that person, they drop off your list.


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