CommuTweet – post and get tweets from other commuters

CommuTweet makes your daily commute more interesting and may be easier too.

You can share your commute details coupled with your location. This can come in handy to know about delays, traffic and stuff. You can actually help other fellow commuters by tweeting the right information!

To get started, you would need to select your location and method of transportation. You have the option of having your tweets sent only to those who share the same commute details as you or to all your twitter friends. On the site, you can view commute shared by everyone as well as tweets concerning just the users who share the same commute as you.

There are two ways to post tweets. You can either use the commutweet website or send tweets in the specified format through any of the twitter clients or the twitter website itself.


  • Share your daily commute details with fellow twitterers
  • Get information about delays, traffic etc.
  • Tweet your post to all your followers or just those who share the same commute as you


CommuTweet Says

CommuTweet is a twitter application that lets you post and get tweets about your daily commute such as delays and other critical information. CommuTweet is a great new way to share important information with other commuters.


  • CommuTweet – Post and get tweets about your daily commute


  • @commutweet – A twitter application to share information about your daily commute
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