Chitty Chat- Chat Room For Twitter

Chitty Chat offers you Chat Room to have a private chat with your followers and friends over Twitter. As a Twitter user, you must be familiar with the inconvenience that you suffer from, while having conversation over Twitter.

Well, you no more have to feel irritated as Chitty Chat is a web based Twitter tool that offers Chat Room for Twitter to have private chat with any Twitter user. Using Chitty Chat is quiet easy. Simply write a tweet to any particular user by using his/her Twitter handle and in the last of Tweet, just use @Chitty_chat. The Chitty Chat then processes your request for private chat room and send a link of same to the Twitter user whom you sent the tweet. Of course, you can add as many people as you want in the chat room to have a group chat.

That’s all. The person on the other end just need to enter into the room by clicking the link and by authorizing his/her Twitter account with Chitty Chat.

The service is really very useful and is free to use. So give Chitty Chat, a try now.


  • Forget the pain of conversation on Twitter
  • Get a private chat room for Twitter
  • Chat with your friends over Twitter in the most convenient way
  • Completely free to use
Chitty Chat Says
Chitty Chat lets you chat privately with a group. From Twitter. With a single tweet.
Web Says
Chitty Chat– Chat Room for Twitter
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