ChessTweets – Play chess on twitter

You can now invite friends on twitter for a game of Chess. ChessTweets lets you play against a friend or take part in the community chess game on the site.

The site uses oAuth to authenticate your account before you can begin a game. ChessTweets is not just a twitter game. It’s also an experiment which intends to have an artificial intelligence system that would one day be able to compete and beat the best chess players!

So, are you game? Go play some bad ass chess!


  • Play Chess on twitter
  • Challenge a friend or join the community chess game
  • Easy to create a new twitter chess game
  • Uses oAuth so you do not have to enter your twitter password
ChessTweets - Play a game of Chess on Twitter

ChessTweets - Play a game of Chess on Twitter

ChessTweets Says

ChessTweets is the newest generation of correspondence chess. ChessTweets uses the Twitter API to send chess moves remotely to your opponent by using any of Twitter’s versatile status update methods. With a Twitter account, play a quick game against a friend or start a correspondence game for free and without any registration required!



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