CelebriFeed – best way to find celebrities on twitter

Celebrifeed lists out all the celebrity twitter accounts so that you can easily find your favorite star’s account on twitter.

The site lists out all the verified twitter accounts which means there’s a 100% guarantee that the accounts aren’t fake! The site displays a stream of updates from all the celebrity twitter accounts. You receive automatic notifications of new tweets while on the site. You can even choose to have new notifications displayed automatically!

You can easily @reply, DM and retweet any of the tweets from these celebrities. CelebriFeed makes use of twitter oAuth for verification so you do not have to worry about disclosing your password.

CelebriFeed uses Tweetizen, have you tried it yet?

Update1: Good news for bloggers and website owners. Celebrifeed now has a widget (Get Widget) that can be embedded on blogs and sites. The widget would display tweets from celebrity accounts listed on celebrifeed!


  • Follow your favorite celebrities on twitter
  • View updates from all the twitter celebrity accounts
  • Contains list of all the twitter verified celebrity accounts
  • Twitter oAuth for authentication, no need to disclose password


CelebriFeed Says

Celebrifeed allows you to follow and interact with your favorite celebrities on Twitter! The list of tweets come from verified celebrity twitter accounts. You can interact with them on the homepage or through their dedicated page below!


  • CelebriFeed – Follow and interact with your favorite celebrities on twitter


  • @celebrifeed – Celebrifeed allows you to follow and interact with your favorite celebrities on Twitter!
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    We will also be releasing an embeddable widget next week which will allow you to put celebrity twitter updates on your blog, website or social networking page.

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