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Twitter based application that let you record and share voice updates / messages on twitter

CallTweet – send twitter voice updates

Hurt your fingers tweeting? Relax, give your fingers a break and start updating twitter with recorded voice updates using CallTweet!

CallTweet allows you to record messages and posts a link to the recorded message in your twitter timeline. Since it’s a recorded conversation, you need not worry about the 140 character limit.

Not to be confused, CallTweet just posts a link to your recorded voice messages in your twitter account and is not for converting voice updates to text like TwitterFone.

This service currently has Canada numbers but they soon plan to add other countries as well.


  • Record voice messages and share the link on twitter
  • OAuth enabled


CallTweet Says

CallTweetbeta is a free way to link your phone with twitter. Simply dial one of our local access numbers, enter your username and password, and record your tweet. The system will automatically post an update to your twitter feed with a link to the audio message you recorded – it’s that simple!


  • CallTweet – Send twitter updates using your voice


  • @calltweetsvc – A new way to connect Twitter with your phone!
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TwitSay – give your twitter account a voice

TwitSay lets you record 10 seconds of voice messages and tweet the link directly to your twitter timeline for your friends to hear it.

You just need to call the local number for your country (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Paris and New York supported at the time of writing this profile).

If you do not register at the site then the messages recorded by you would be sent to the public timeline of twitsay. To register, you need to provide your twitter username and password as well as your phone number. All voice messages received from the phone number you provide would be tweeted to your twitter timeline.


  • Record and share voice messages on twitter
  • Voice message duration is 10 seconds
  • Call the local number of your country


TwitSay Says

Just a simple service which lets you send 10 seconds of voicemessages to your Twitter account.


  • TwitSay – Give your twitter account a voice


  • @twitsay – Give your Twitter Account a Voice!
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TwitterFone – send messages to twitter using voice!

TwitterFone helps you tweet without having to hurt your fingers. A one of a kind twitter application, you tweet not by typing but by calling!

You need to provide the site with your cell phone number and twitter credentials to get started. Once you are registered with the site, you can start twittering over voice by calling a local number.

Not only does TwitterFone allow you to tweet through voice but also converts your twitter stream back to voice so you do not have to read your tweets, just listen to them! If you press 2 while listening to tweets you can record your @Replies too. Direct Messages can be sent in a similar way.

Basically, Twitterfone transcribes what you have said from voice to text and posts it to your twitter timeline as an update.

Note: TwitterFone is currently in Closed Beta. We have 50 invites. You can ask for the code in the comment section at the end of this post or ask us over twitter.


  • Update your twitter status through voice over phone
  • All you need to do is register and start updating by calling a local number
  • Listen to your twitter stream over phone
  • @Reply and Direct Message through voice


TwitterFone Says

TwitterFone is free service that lets you update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. A short while later, your tweet will be posted on Twitter. Magic!


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