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Twitter based application that let you record and share voice updates / messages on twitter

JAJAH@Call – Now You Can Tweet To Talk

JAJAH@Call is cool app that lets you to make calls by using Twitter. With this app, you can make calls to other JAJAH@Call user by using Twitter.

To start call, use the @call in the reply to the person, whom you want to talk. For example, if you want to make call to @Twi5, tweet will be like this @call @Twi5 (with space between both usernames).

JAJAH@Call will ring your phone up and then will contact to the person, whom you mention with @call. The call is limited to 2 minutes and phone no. of both parties is not shown while making call. For privacy issues, you can make calls only to your followers.

The call you make is completely free. This app is simply more than awesome. You should give JAJAH@Call, a try now.


  • Tweet to talk
  • Use @call in the reply tweet to make call
  • Phone no. of both parties is kept hidden
  • Calls are absolutely free of cost
  • Maximum call duration is 2 minutes
  • Calls can be made to your followers only
  • Both parties must be part of JAJAH@Call

Tweet To Talk. Call Your Followes on Twitter

JAJAH@Call Says

JAJAH@Call allows you to make a free two minute call (the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other JAJAH@Call users. It’s free, it’s easy and works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it’s on your cellphone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way.

Web Says

JAJAH@Call – Now You Can Tweet To Talk




Boxcar- An Inbox For All Social Networking Notifications

Boxcar is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad which works like an inbox for all social networking notifications. It provides you the best platform to monitor all of your social netwoking accounts’ updates from one place.

It has the support of Facebook integration by which you get the push notification whenever there is  a  new message or notification in your Facebook account. It also opens the Facebook immediately in your favorite FB app.

While Boxcar has support for all social networking sites, but the best features and support is for Twitter. It sends you notification whenever there is new tweet, mentions, new followers etc. The best part of this app from the Twitter point of view is that it supports almost 35 Twitter apps and opens your favorite one immediately, whenever there is a new notification.

Boxcar also provides you a unique email account to which all of your important emails get forwarded. Boxcar only stores the sender’s name and nothing else. Along with the social networking sites mentioned above, it also supports Google Plus, Google Buzz etc.

Out of all remaining services that Boxcar supports, I would like to mention RSS syndication here by which you can get push notification whenever there is something new to read on your favorite websites.

So impressed from this awesome app?  Give it a try now.


  • The simplest way to monitor your social networking updates
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Voice, RSS Feed etc. integration and app recommendations
  • Unique email account to forward all of your incoming emails

Boxcar Says

Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you’re on the go or at your computer.

Web Says

Boxcar– Instant notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.



SpokenTwit – how to voice tweet

SpokenTwit let’s you voice tweet to your followers on Twitter.

SpokenTwit believes twitter is all about updating your status, so “why type” your status when you can “speak it”, hence Spoken Twit.

Register your phone number from which you wish to speak your tweets, and start speaking your tweets. SpokenTwit will post your spoken tweets on Twitter.


  • Tweet using voice
  • Register your number and start voice tweeting

SpokenTwit Says

SpokenTwit believes twitter is all about updating your status, so “why type” your status when you can “speak it”, hence Spoken Twit.



  • @spokentwit – SpokenTwit- speak tweets to your twitter account via any phone. Offers all features of twitter on phone, post,reply,delete tweets, listen to twitter timeline.

Twit2Tel – now receive voicemails on Twitter

Twit2Tel lets you receive voicemails over Twitter! To top it all, there’s nothing special that you need to do. Every twitter user now has the ability to call and leave a voice message or call and talk to any other Twitter user without exchanging any phone numbers.

The app uses oAuth for authentication. You need to link a phone number with your twitter account.

To make a call, you need to send an @reply to @twit2tel with the format “@twit2tel call <username>”. The app would then call both the users involved. If the callee hasn’t signed up for Twit2tel then a tweet with a link to the page where the voicemail is available is sent.

Twit2tel offers unlimited calls. Twit2tel currently works for over 200 countries!


  • Send and receive voice messages over Twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Free to use voicemail service
  • Available in over 200 countries

Twit2tel Says was started in 2010 to expand the experience of Twitter users to call and voice message each other without giving out private telephone numbers or clogging up their personal voicemails.

As of its launch, every Twitter user was given a free Twitter voicemail and the ability to connect freely by phone for 4 minutes to any other Twitter user signed up to


  • Twit2tel – Call anyone on Twitter for free


Pockets – an awesome voicemail app for twitter

Pockets is a cool twitter application that lets you send voicemail to any of your twitter friends.

The best thing about Pockets is that you do not need to make a call! Pockets calls YOU! I guess voicemail just got a new life.

Pockets uses twitter oAuth for authentication. To send a voicemail, you need to enter a twitterers username and leave the voicemail. The receiver of your voicemail can then reply back via Pockets by leaving you a voicemail.


  • Twitter app for sending and receiving voicemail
  • Send voicemail to any of your twitter friends
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


Pockets Says

Pockets is visual voicemail for Twitter.

Leave a private voicemail for anyone on twitter and they’ll be notified via @reply.


  • Pockets – Pockets is visual voicemail for Twitter


  • @pocketsapp – Pockets is visual voicemail for Twitter!

VoiceBoo – Voice Verify your twitter account

VoiceBoo is a unique twitter application that allows you to voice verify your twitter account.

With so many fake twitter accounts floating around and the Verified Seal by twitter not able to verify accounts belonging to non-celebrities, VoiceBoo seems like a nice alternative to tell the world you’re for real.

You can voice verify your own account as well as challenge anyone on twitter to do the same in order to make sure they’re for real.

In order to voice verify your twitter account, you need to call up a phone number provided and key in a personal code followed by speaking out a phrase that would be given to you. After this the community can vote to give you a stamp of approval. Once you receive a sizeable amount of votes, VoiceBoo would add a VoiceBoo Verify Seal to your twitter background image.

Want to leave a twitter voice message through GTalk? Try GuaGee.


  • Voice verify your twitter account
  • Community votes for you
  • Display VoiceBoo Verify Seal and tell the world you’re for real
  • API available for developers
Voice Verify your twitter account

Voice Verify your twitter account

VoiceBoo Says

With this feature, you can easily see which accounts the community think are ‘real’ and authentic and the ones that aren’t. If the account has a VoiceBoo Verification Seal on their profile then this means that they have been through our verification process and have had the community verify the level of trust that they place in the owner of the account.

If an account hasn’t been verified and you think that the owner is not the rightful person that the account portrays then you can use VoiceBoo Verify to verify the acccount.


  • VoiceBoo – Putting the confidence back into twitter profiles


  • @voiceboo – VooiceBoo Verified is a new and social way to verify users by using their voice. VooiceBoo Verify uses the power of the Vooices Technology Platform.
  • @prawlings – Techie. I created (Free Twitter SMS), and is a way for anyone to control web content by actually phoning the website

GuaGee – Say hello to the world, leave a voice message on Twitter!

GuaGee joins the ever growing list of Twitter applications that help you leave voice messages on twitter.

You need to call the number provided on the site and leave your voice message. You can even leave anonymous voice messages in case you aren’t comfortable with disclosing your identity.

You need to authorize GuaGee on twitter and since the site uses oAuth, you do not have to disclose your password! You need to enter your phone number and link it to your twitter account. Voice messages left by users are displayed on the main site and you can easily retweet any of them.

GuaGee even lets you embed the twitter voice messages on your blog or site like the one below.

Update1: Alright, this is a great feature and @guagee alerted me about it in the comment section below.  I’m posting it here so that you don’t miss it!

One unique feature of is that you can dial the number 1-888-433-4855 on any phone and it’s toll free. GuaGee actually turns every phone into a twitter client, no matter if it’s a land-line or cell phone or even public pay phones.
Some pay phones have already registered at GuaGee, for example this phone at Mountain View Cal train station: @mtvcaltrain
Whereever you go, find a public phone and dial that 888 number, you can start twittering.

And that’s not all, GuaGee is also accessible from SKYPE. Since the number is toll free, any Skype account can call it for free and you don’t even need a Skype-out credit. In this way, anywhere around the world, you can twit by speaking on Skype and it is absolutely anonymous.

If you want to use your own twitter account, just bind your phone number on

Update2: You can now leave voice messages on twitter through GTalk using GuaGee! (Instructions here)


  • Leave voice messaged on twitter
  • Embed voice messages in your blog or site
  • Retweet voice messages


GuaGee Says

GuaGee is a free service to let you share voice messages by speaking. With GuaGee you can record voice messages using your phone and have it automatically delivered to your audience. GuaGee currently uses Twitter as the backbone of our service. After registration your recorded message will be posted to your Twitter timeline.


  • GuaGee – Leave voice messages on twitter


  • @GuaGee – GuaGee is a free service to let you share messages by speaking. After registration your recorded message will be posted to your Twitter timeline.
  • @yinwm – Act an architect at in China. Instested in IT tech and web2.0

Trottr – The Twitter of Voice Messages

Trottr lets you send voice messages to your twitter friends. Whether you are on the road, disconnected from the Internet or are in no mood to be online, you can still keep your twitter friends and everyone else updated with voice messages from Trottr.

Trottr even lets you reply to your friends audio messages by making use of the reply code provided with each recorded tweet. Apart from replying to your friends messages, you can even listen to all the audio messages your friends have tweeted, now that’s called convenience!

The founder of Trottr says that the application would be of immense help to travellers disconnected from the Internet as well as for blind people.

You can set up Trottr to tweet the audio link to your twitter timeline and optionally have a preselected text shared too (you can probably add hashtags so that your followers know you’re sharing a voice tweet).

I don’t understand the language spoken here but I loved listening to it! Trottr allows you to record messages for 50 seconds. You can however change the settings if you want to save longer conversations. Set your Trottr updates to private and you can then allow only those you know to hear your voice updates. Trottr supports seven countries currently and more countries are supposedly in the pipeline.

Trottr seems like a tough competitor to other similar applications previously profiled here.

Update1: Users can upload upto 15 pictures to any of their recorded voice messages on twitter. (Example Here)

Update2: You can upload 140 second mp3 files to twitter with Trottr. Now that’s micro podcasting for you!

Update3: Upload your audio, images and text to trottr and twitter with a simple email! Use the native recording tools in your favorite device like iphone, blackberry etc.  and send your audio by email.


  • Record audio messages and share on twitter
  • Helps you update your twitter friends even when you are disconnected from the Internet
  • Helpful tools for travellers
  • Option to automatically share audio messages on your twitter timeline
  • Listen to your friends Trottr messages when you call Trottr
Trottr - Record and share voice messages on Twitter

Trottr - Record and share voice messages on Twitter

Trottr Says

trottr allows you to send audio messages to anybody around the world. Any time – and from anywhere. All by making a simple phone call. Whenever you feel like it, you can let your friends, family and colleagues listen in on your life – true to our motto: „Hear I am!“
All you have to do is register your telephone on Then start recording your audio messages and making them available to others via the trottr website. Of course you can also transfer your message to your twitter Timeline. Or send it directly via email, or post it on one of your communities.



  • @jeff_trottr – Make your tweets more personal – send voice messages to your timeline by phone with

TweetYak – Record and share on twitter

TweetYak is a simple twitter application similar to Twitterfone, TwitWoop TwitSay and CallTweet which helps you record your message and share it on twitter.

The service is currently available in the U.S. Go record a tweet today!


  • Record and share it on twitter
  • Twitter recorded tweets




TwitWoop – send voice messages via phone to twitter

TwitWoop is a service built for twitter that lets you record voice messages over phone and have the link to this recorded message posted to your twitter timeline.

To use TwitWoop you will need to register your phone. After registration you can instantly use the service with your registered phone and send voice messages up to 140 seconds long (yeah, the 140 limit exits here too). You can easily record a reply to a friends twitwoop by entering the reply code that you see on a twitwoop tweet.

TwitWoop currently has local number support for  Germany, USA and United Kingdom (supported countries list here).

The site plans to add many more countries soon. If you cannot wait for TwitWoop to support your country you can still use TwitWoop’s international number for recording voice messages. If you are in Canada you can try CallTweet too.

Update1: TwitWoop now displays recorded replies as a hierarchical view. Called as Discussion Mode, this can be really helpful for users since all the related recorded messages would now be available in the same page!

Update2: You can now send voice messages to ANY twitter user! If the concerned twitter user is following you then your recorded voice message would be sent as a DM else it would go as an @Reply (@TwitWoop informed me about this by sending a voice message through DM, now how cool is that!).

Update3: You can leave your voice condolences for Michael Jackson here.

Update4: TwitWoop has introduced TwitWoop Channels. You can join discussions on these customized voice channels.


  • Record voice messages over phone and post the link to twitter
  • OAuth enabled
  • Currently supports Germany, USA and United Kingdom


TwitWoop Says

twitwoops are voice messages which you send into your twitter timeline directly by calling a number with your phone. Your voice message is instantly posted to your twitter timeline. So if you are on the go and want to update your followers (or should we say listeners?) about what you are doing: call in and leave a twitwoop.


  • TwitWoop – Record voice messages over phone and send them to twitter


  • @twitwoop – Check out twitwoop! Send voice messages via phone into your twitter timeline.
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