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Twitter is more fun when you can satisfy your ego by checking out stats about your twitter profile. Stats also help you in recognizing the current trends over the internet. All Web apps that help you in such Stats showcased here.

TwitterAppStats – find the top twitter clients based on the number of tweets

TwitterAppStats is a tiny little twitter app that probably does a lot of processing behind the scenes!

The app checks the source of each tweet and determines its client. Based on this data it displays the top twitter clients. I presume the algorithm would have a lot more criteria in it in order to make this twitter client list more useful.


  • View the top twitter clients based on number of tweets
  • Clients ranked based on the number of tweets that originate from them

TwitterAppStats Says

Top twitter clients



  • @tdash – News and updates from a browser based Twitter client
  • @h__r__j – Overworked mad genius readying to take on the world. I am his neighbor.

UpprDwnr – tweet what you like or hate

UpprDwnr aims to help you view the popular and not so popular stuff tweeted out by twitter users.

The app makes use of the hashtags #uppr and #dwnr to evaluate the popularity of keywords, links etc. You can tweet just about anything and use the appropriate hastag.

Example: If you happen to like our twitter follow and unfollow app , you can vote in its favour :

The twitter app is a nifty tool for managing twitter friends and followers #uppr

There’s a lot of analytics you can get out of these tweets. The app also displays the day’s most talked about topic.


  • Tweet what you love or hate
  • Use hashtags #uppr and #dwnr
  • Gain insights on the most popular and hated stuff by twitter users

UpprDwnr Says

We all judge.
Tell us what you love or hate with your tweets.


  • UpprDwnr – Tweet what you love or hate


  • @upprdwnr – We like to think we are Twitter’s ‘like’ button…there’s a ‘dislike’ too – learn how at our Web site

FollowerWonk – search twitter users by Bio, Name and Location

FollowerWonk has a very useful feature of letting you search over the ‘Bio’ field of all Twitter users.  You can also search over location and names.

Comparison of upto 3 twitter accounts can be performed using FollowerWonk. The site displays various stats for the users such as the followers they have, the number of days the user has been on Twitter, the average new followers per day as well as the average number of tweets per week.


  • Search twitter users by their Bio, Name and location
  • Compare upto 3 twitter user accounts
  • View stats such as common followers, average tweets per week, join date etc.

FollowerWonk Says

Cool way to compare Twitter users.


  • FollowerWonk – Cool stuff with Twitter bios, stats and such


Twiangulate – analyze connections between friends and followers

Twiangulate lets you analyze twitter users and find out common friends and followers between various twitter users.

You can find new users to follow by checking out the common followers between three twitter users.

You can do a variety of analysis and search such as :

1. Discover a twitter users most influential followers

2. Discover a twitter users smallest friends

3. Get a list of common followers between three twitter accounts

4. Find twitter user who follows the same 3 twitterers

5. Find who a twitter users under-the-radar friends are

6. Find when three twitter users follow someone new

7. Find how a bunch of twitter users connect

So, basically Twiangulate becomes your complete twitter analysis tool!


  • Analyze twitter friends and followers
  • Find common twitter friends, twitter user who follows the same 3 users
  • One of the best twitter analysis tool

Twiangulate Says

Twiangulate discovers hidden tweeters, friends of friends (or friends of enemies), micro-influentials who only insiders follow… or sometimes just friends you haven’t yet seen tweeting.



  • @twiangulate – Finding hidden tweeps & lost friends followed by your peers or rivals. (Coding by the tweeps at

siteVolume – compare keywords across social sites

siteVolume lets you compare keywords of interest across various sites such as Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace etc.

Basically, you enter a few keywords and the site would display a chart indicating the popularity of these keywords.


  • Twitter analytics site
  • View the popularity of keywords
  • Check across various sites such as Twitter, Youtube, Flickr etc.



  • siteVolume – View how often keywords appear on social sites

Social Implu – find the top twitter users and your twitter stats

Social Implu helps you find the top twitter users. You can also find stats about any twitterer.

The average number of tweets, bio, follower, following etc are displayed to help you figure out everything about a particular twitter user.

The way users are grouped into Crows, Ducks and Ostriches is fascinating!


  • Find the top twitter users
  • Find out stats such as number of tweets, bio etc of any twitterer


Social Implu Says

We rank accounts based on followers, with rank 1 having the most followers and rank 9 having the least. Crows are folks that have many more followers than following, while ostriches are just the opposite. Gregarious ducks have following and followers nearly in balance.



  • @implu – Quality business intelligence sought by professionals in sales, marketing, business development, executive networking, recruitment & others. Details left…

TweeHits – check your FollowFriday rank

TweeHits is a simple ranking twitter application that ranks users based on the number of #FollowFriday recommendations received. The more #FollowFriday love you get the better would be your rank on TweeHits.

You just need to enter your twitter username and your FollowFriday rank would be displayed. I’m not sure if the app takes any other factors into account to determine the rank.

The top ten twitter users are displayed on the homepage.


  • Check your #FollowFriday rank
  • Ranks updated in real-time


TweeHits Says

FollowFriday based hit list updated in real-time


  • TweeHits – Check your #FollowFriday Rank


TweetPsych – now a twitter psychological profiler!

Well, we’ve had all sorts of apps being created for twitter and it’s these apps that make twitter all the more fun and interesting (which reminds me, you should definitely be subscribing to twi5 so that you never miss out on the best twitter applications)

TweetPsych aims to profile twitter users based on their latest 1000 updates. The site allocates scores based on features such as Agreement, Similes, Occupation & work, Time, Cognitive Processes, Insight etc.

To be honest, I really did not understand all of the features listed above, but nevertheless, for all you smarty pants, this is the site to check out.

Based on your psychological profile, TweetPsych suggests a few users to follow which I recommend you do since they’re psychologically connected to you.

The site also creates a similar profile for  websites!


  • Check your twitter psychological profile
  • Profile created based on your latest 1000 tweets
  • Scores based on features such as Agreement, Similes, Occupation & work, Time, Cognitive Processes, Insight etc.


TweetPsych Says

TweetPsych uses two linguistic analysis algorithms (RID and LIWC) to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. The service analyzes your last 1000 tweets and works best on users who have posted more than 1000 updates. It also works best on accounts that are operated by a single user and use Twitter in a conversational manner, rather than simply a content distribution platform.



  • @danzarella – Social and Viral Marketing Scientist. I work at HubSpot.

Trendmetr – visually monitor the buzz on twitter

Trendmetr is a visual trend monitoring twitter application that makes use of the twitter search API to get you the buzz a keyword is currently creating on twitter.

The dB meter (that’s what each bar that you see is called) updates itself every minute to give you an up to date insight into a keywords popularity on twitter. You can add as many new dB meters as you want.

If you want to monitor tweets pertaining to a keyword in real-time then you should probably try Monitter.


  • Visualize the trending topics on twitter
  • Add as many meters as you want and track your keywords
Trendmetr - Live Twitter buzz monitoring

Trendmetr - Live Twitter buzz monitoring

Trendmetr Says

Every minute, the dB meters update to show how many times a search term was mentioned on Twitter in the last hour.
Add more meters to compare buzz in real-time.


TweetSentiments – how happy are your tweets?

TweetSentiments is a twitter analysis tool with a difference. The application analyzes tweets on twitter to check the happiness quotient using OpenAmplify‘s Natural Language Processing application.

The average sentiment index of the twittersphere is calculated every six hours. Charts and Maps make up for a nice way to analyze the sentiments around the world.Maps display the sentiments from each part of the world while charts help you understand what the sentiments are on an hourly and daily basis.

Sentiment details of the top 10 countries are displayed as also the sentiments of the trending topics. The site auto refreshes with the latest tweets along with their tweet sentiment.

You can calculate the tweet sentiment of any twitter user or topic. As on this writing, the tweet sentiment for @twi5 seems to be 76.67, I say that’s pretty good and as the sentiment indicates, twi5 is a Happy Place.


  • Analyzes twitter and displays the average sentiment of twitter
  • View the sentiments in the top countries
  • Analyze sentiments of any user or topic
  • View charts displaying the hourly and daily sentiments


TweetSentiments Says provides sentiment analysis on tweets using Machine Learning technologies.



  • @tweetsentiments – Tweet Sentiments: 0 – most negative, 50 – neutral, 100 – most positive
  • @tomzeng – Ruby on Rails, Text Mining, LIBSVM, GIS, Portal, Java