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Search can be a great help to all those wanting to find solutions to their problems. There is always a tweet related to your query. All Twitter Web apps that help you in searching the vast tweet pool on twitter showcased here.

Tweeting Earth- Search Tweets From Each Timezone

Are you a part of ever-growing micro blogging website, Twitter? Well, you might be. If you are Twitter user then you must be familiar with the search feature offered by Twitter that lets you to search for any tweet. Although, the search task seems to be simple but in fact it’s not so. Due to high load of tweets on Twitter coming in the count of thousands per second from the users staying at different corners of the globe, make it tough to search for tweets and you may end up with the unsatisfied results.

Well, if it has already happened with you then it’s time to move on and go somewhat advanced. Tweetingearth is the Twitter tool that offers you better facility for finding the tweets. Just move on to their website and there you can search for tweets from each timezone. Simply scroll-up your mouse to go west and scroll-down the mouse to go east side of earth. This search facility is very good as you can get the knowledge of stats of any particular tweet and can also check that which tweet is coming most times from which geographical location.

Moreover, you can search for tweets by adding keywords.  You can enter the keywords on the top in right side of the web page. This service is completely free to use and no registration is required to use it.

You should give Tweetingearth, a try now.


  • Search tweets from each timezone
  • Get the count of tweets in any particular region
  • Check the most hot region to post any particular tweet
  • Search for tweets by adding keywords
  • Completely free to use


Tweetingearth Says

Tweetingearth allows you to search tweets from any timezone of your choice. You can also search for tweets by adding keyword in the search box.

Web Says 

Tweetingearth– Search tweets from each timezone on Tweeting Earth. See Recent Tweets Between Twitter Users

If you have been using Twitter from past some time, then you must have used many Twitter apps and tools till date. In this post, I am going to review a Twitter tool, which is based on a totally unique concept. This tool is ‘’ and it leta you check the most recent tweets between two Twitter users.

If you are always curious to check the tweets that any two particular Twitter users share with each other, then this tool is the solution to end your curiosity. The best thing about this tool is that you need not to have Twitter account to use it. Anyone, with or without having Twitter account, can use it. This awesome tool shows you the recent conversations between any two Twitter users by just entering their usernames. You don’t have to do anything else and this service will show you the most recent tweets between your desired Twitter users, within a matter of few seconds.

Well, you can only see the Tweets which are not older than 7 days. This limitation is due to Twitter guidelines. So the search results don’t include the tweets that have been shared between two Twitter users in the last 7 days from the moment of search.

You can save the search results on the TweetsBetween database and can access it, whenever you want. This is good for people who want to save memory on their phone/tablet.

You should give, a try today.


  • See the recent conversation between two Twitter users
  • No need to have Twitter account to use it
  • Get the report of Tweets between two users shared in last 7 days
  • Save the search data in the’s database to save space
  • Get access to saved data, whenever and wherever you want

TweetsBetween Says:

TweetsBetween is a twitter tool that allows you to see the most recent conversations between two users of your choice.


TweetsBetween: See recent tweets between Twitter users of your choice.


@ Tweetsbetween

Showmetrend – Twitter Trending Topics Database

Raise your hands if you use twitter for marketing. Oh! Almost everyone is raising his/her hand as every second individual uses it for the same.  To use Twitter perfectly for your marketing purposes, you need to get the attention of other users toward your tweets. There is no meaning of tweets if they are not able to catch the eye of others.

The task of getting user’s attention and make them to actually show interest in your tweets seems to be simple, but in fact, it is not so.  Well, Don’t worry about it as an awesome service named can help you in making the task easier. For all those who don’t know about this service, let me tell you that it does the same work as its name ‘Show Me Trend’.

People on twitter usually show interest in the tweets which are focused on trending topics. This is what does for you. It lets you search about the trending topics by entering date and location. Then it shows you the trending topics based on your entered data. By using the trending topics in your tweets, you can surely attract  more and more twitter users and can get more success with your marketing on Twitter.

In simple words, it is the best and unique service that guides you ‘What To Tweet’ and ‘When To Tweet’ and believe me both these factors are very important if you want to get success in your marketing on Twitter.

You should give showmetrend, a try now and it does not cost you anything to start.


  • Make the perfect use of Twitter for your marketing needs
  • Attract other users towards your tweets
  •  Get info about the trendy topics and use them in your tweets
  • Trendy topics according to time and location
  • Learn ‘What To Tweet’ and ‘When To Tweet’

Showmetrend says:

Twitter Trending Topics Database – WorldWide Trending Topics from now | search Trending Topics by date, time, place and by term.





HashtagBattle – find out which hashtag is more famous

Hashtag Battle is a simple twitter application that simply tells you which hastag on twitter is more famous. You enter two hashtags and the app would calculate and see which hashtag has the most tweets and display the result to you.

You can use it just for fun. You can keep an eye on your competitor and see how you are progressing against them. The app should extend this to include any two keywords, irrespective of them being hashtags. That way you can start comparing your own site with someone else’s and do so much more.


  • Find which hashtag is more famous
  • Simple twitter app, needs no login

HashtagBattle Says

Fight on Twitter!



DeleteSavedSearches – delete searches saved on Twitter

DeleteSavedSearches lets you delete unwanted searches that you have saved on twitter. Currently, you can search for keywords on twitter and if need be, you can save the searches for later reference. But, in case you need to delete a saved search, you can login to DeleteSavedSearches and choose which search to delete.

It’s a simple application to help you manage your saved searches. Don’t worry, logging in will not delete the searches automatically. You need to select which searches to delete.


  • Delete saved searches on twitter
  • Helps when you hit the 10 maximum saved searches limit on twitter

DeleteSavedSearches Says

The easy way to delete your saved Twitter searches.



  • @savedsearches – Do you have saved searches that you can’t get rid of? I’ll get rid of them for you.
  • @phoenix_wright – ― Exquisite like cars made in foreign

48ers – Search twitter, facebook, buzz, digg and delicious in real-time!

48ers is a very useful real-time search engine which searches Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Digg and delicious simultaneously. You can easily filter results pertaining to individual sites as well.

This seems like a nice search engine for marketers to find out all the buzz their site is generating on different social media platforms. You can easily share search results. Trending topics  along with useful search keywords are displayed on the left sidebar.


  • Real-time search on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg and Google Buzz
  • Filter over individual sites
  • Share search results

48ers Says

48ers was created to help you search for what’s happening right now.

We trawl conversations from all the major social networks across the web to bring back nuggets of information to help you.


  • 48ers – Realtime Social Search


MyTwitterCloud – search interesting twitter users

MyTwitterCloud lets you search interesting twitter users.

It’s basically a twitter users search engine. Search interesting Twitter people from all over the world. You can search for your favorite topics, hobbies or business.


  • Search interesting twitter users
  • Search favorite topics, hobbies or business

MyTwitterCloud Says

My Twitter Cloud (MTC) is a search engine for users interested in Twitter and a comfortable way to manage the image we project.
With MTC, you will be able to find users to follow based on your interests.
Your interests may be based on your profession, your hobbies or tastes, your clients, etc.
If you are a new Twitter user, MTC is a good way to begin following interesting people on Twitter. If you are an advanced user and you already have a contact list, MTC can help you expand it and improve the quality of your “timeline”.



  • @mytcloud – Search interesting Twitter people from all the world. Search your favorite topics, hobbies or business.
  • @antevenio – Cuenta oficial de la empresa Antevenio S.A

SnapBird – search beyond twitter’s history

SnapBird let’s you search old tweets. Since the default twitter search engine does not provide any way to search over old tweets, SnapBird can be a good site for many of the users wanting to search some old forgotten tweets.

You can search over just your friends’ tweets. Direct message search is available as well. You can also search within a user’s favorite tweets.


  • Search over old tweets
  • Search within your friends’ tweets
  • Search within your direct messages
  • Search within any user’s favorite tweets

SnapBird Says

Search beyond Twitter’s history


  • SnapBird – Search beyond Twitter’s history


  • @rem – active
  • @nicepaul – Freelance web/UX guy. Formerly Senior Designer at @Clearleft in Brighton, UK.
  • @stompfrog – Web design/dev, HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, codeigniter, wordpress working at

Kurrently- search twitter and facebook

Kurrently is a new search engine that let’s you search over twitter and facebook.

Kurrently has quite a few competitors such as Scoopler, Nsyght, Collecta, Topsy etc.


  • Search over twitter and facebook

Kurrently Says

A real-time search engine for Twitter and Facebook


  • Kurrently – Search over twitter and facebook


  • @gilbert_leung – University student at Waterloo taking Computer Science. Nerdy, geeky, but not inactive.

Crosspollinate – monitor and engage in real-time conversations

Crosspollinate lets you search Twitter, Identica, Friendfeed etc for keywords and local trends. New results are pushed automatically.

You can embed a widget that displays search results on your website or blog. The site uses Facebook connect for authentication.


  • Search Twitter, Identica, Friendfeed etc
  • Results pushed in real-time

Crosspollinate Says

Crosspollinate is a simple service for monitoring and engaging in real time conversations around your brand and interests