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Search can be a great help to all those wanting to find solutions to their problems. There is always a tweet related to your query. All Twitter Web apps that help you in searching the vast tweet pool on twitter showcased here.

Convo Monitor- Track Topics, Brands And People On Twitter

Convo Monitor is a dashboard view that allows you to track your brand on Twitter. You also can track Twitter conversations about any topic, word, phrase, idea, or person.

To use the app, simply point your browser to their website and enter any keyword in the search field. You can make up to 10 searches at single instant. The conversations and tweets going on Twitter about entered keyword, will be right there on the screen. You can also save the search and can send its link to your friend via email or IM.

You should give Convo Monitor, a try now.


  • Dashboard view to track your brand on Twitter
  • Track Twitter conversations about any topic, word, phrase, idea, or person.
  • Save the search and send it to your friend via email or IM
  • Perform 10 searches at single instant
  • Free and simple to use

Convo Monitor- Track topics, brands and people on Twitter

Convo Monitor Says

Convo Monitor is a dashboard view that allows you to track your brand on Twitter. You also can track Twitter conversations about any topic, word, phrase, idea, or person.

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Convo Monitor– Track topics, brands and people on Twitter



Gramfeed- Instagram Photo Feed On The Web

Gramfeed is a web-based tool for Instagram that brings Instagram photo feed on the web. Gramfeed’s homepage shows you most popular photos and tags going on Instagram.

You can search for photos by entering keyword in the search field. By singing into Gramfeed with your Instagram account, you can see the photos of your friends’ in an easy way and can post comments on them easily. You can search for people easily and can follow them within this app.

It’s completely free to use. You should give Gramfeed, a try now.


  • Get Instagram photo feed on web
  • Check out the popular photos and tags on Instagram
  • Search for photos and people
  • Login with your Instagram account to see your friends’ photos
  • View, search and post comments on your friends’ photos easily

Gramfeed Says

Gramfeed brings the Instagram photo feed on the web. Login to view your Instagram photo feed, likes, followers and more…

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Gramfeed– Instagram photo feed on the web




My InstaAlbum – Save My Instagram Photos & Share

My InstaAlbum is an iPhone app that lets you to make the best use of Instagram. If you are like me, who wants to keep track of your Instagram photos, then this is the app for you.

You can organize the photos by date and month for easy access. The photos can be tagged with appropriate keywords which makes it easy to search for photos. You can use any of your Instagram photos on your Twitter profile. Photos can be uploaded on Facebook and Dropbox at once.

This app is available in the iTunes. So give My InstaAlbum, a try now.


  • Enjoy the photos in easy & various ways everywhere, everytime!
  • Change Twitter profile pic with wonderful photos .
  • Upload Instagram photos to Dropbox or Facebook at once.
  • Share Instagram photos to Twitter or Facebook anywhere, any time!

My InstaAlbum Says

My InstaAlbum Helps You Organize And Save Your Instagram Photos.”
“If you’re one that wants to keep track of your own Instagram photos, then this does a great job of it.”

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My InstaAlbum – Save My Instagram Photos & Share



Statigram- All You Need To Manage Your Instagram Account

Statigram is a web-based app that gives you detailed stats of your Instagram account.

The interface is just awesome and once login into the Statigram using your Instagram account, it will show you the no. of photos uploaded by you and no. of total and average comments that you have received on your photos. It also shows you, your most famous photo based on comments’ and likes’ count. You can view photos uploaded by others in a convenient way and can post comments on them or like them, within the app.

Statigram’s search tool allows you to search for photos, tags and users. You can also see the hot topics searched by other users in Instagram, on Statigram’s homepage. You can get detailed report of your stats on daily basis or monthly. Statigram also shows you the monthly stats in the graphical form.

Moreover, Statigram has a feature called ‘Public URL’, by which you can share your Instagram photos on Facebook and your friends can make comments on them with their Facebook accounts itself.

Too many awesome features in a single app. It deserves to be used by you. So give Statigram, a try now.


  • Best way to manage your Instagram account
  • Complete stats on daily or monthly basis
  • Makes it convenient to search for photos and users on Instagram
  • Public URL of your Instagram photos
  • List of hot topics on the Instagram
  • Complete stats via email

Statigram Says

Statigram makes it possible to manage your Instagram account in a convenient way. Share photos, search for users or post your photos on other sites via Public URL. Get complete stats right in your email inbox.

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Statigram– All you need to manage your Instagram account



Statigram on Facebook

Statigram on Google+


Search.Stagram- Discover Instagram Photos

Search.Stagram is an awesome web-based app that comes from the house of Webstagram. It does the same work in Instagram, as Google does in web.

It’s a simple search tool for Instagram that lets you to search for Instagram photos based on multiple keywords, tags and words. Search.Stagram grabs the results from Instagram and brings the photos related to your search query, in front of you. Moreover, you are also given the list of some related keywords/tags, to extend your search capabilities and to perform your interest related search.

This app is completely free to use. You should give Search.Instagram, a try now.


  • Search engine for Instagram.
  • Search for Instagram photos based on multiple keywords, words and tags
  • Free to use

Search.Stagram Says

Search.Stagram is a search engine for Instagram pictures.

You can search Instagram pictures using multiple words and keywords and tags!

Web Says

Search.Stagram– Discover Instagram photos



Webstagram on Facebook

TweetTag- Tag Based Search Tool For Twitter

TweetTag is a simple to use web-based app that allows you to search for topics on Twitter. You can check that what people are talking about any particular topic. TweetTag can also be called as ‘Tag Based Search Engine For Twitter’.

Just enter the name of topic and click on the ‘Search’ button. The most recent updates and tweets about the entered topic, will be right there in front of you. Moreover, the homepage of TweetTag shows 40 most recent tags.

It’s completely free to use. You should give TweetTag, a try now.


  • Search what people are taking about any particular topic on Twitter
  • Check 40 most/recent tags on the homepage
  • Completely free to use

TweetTag Says

Check out the most popular topics on Twitter right now

Web Says

TweetTag- Tag based search tool for Twitter




Twitscoop- Stay Top On Twitter

Twitscoop is a web-based Twitter app that enables you to stay top on Twitter. You can stay updated with the latest trends going on the Twitter.

You just need to login into the Twitscoop by authorizing it with your Twitter account.  You can Receive, send tweets, and find new friends instantly, without even reloading your page. The ‘Search’ feature allows you to search for latest and hot trends going on Twitter.

You should give Twitscoop, a try now.


  • Twitpic images on the fly
  • Never miss the buzz
  • Multi-tab search and graphs
  • Follow stocks
  • Never reload your page
  • Track stats

Twitscoop Says

TwitScoop enables you to stay top on Twitter. You can search Twitter and hot trends with ease.

Web Says

Twitscoop– Stay Top On Twitter






Twellow- Public Directory For Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and it will become even better if we are able to list the people of same interest as us and can exchange our thoughts with them. Twellow is a Twitter web based tool that allows you to do so. Twellow is a directory for Twitter accounts bringing all the Twitter users of same interests, together at one place.

Twellow allows the Twitter users to add their profile in their directory and under the appropriate category. You can choose the suitable category according to your interest and can interact with other users lying in the same category. You can update your profile to be used in Twellow and can also link your other social networking profiles there. Twellow also ranks the profiles in different categories depending on the Twitter profile of user and some tactics like tweets, followers, mentions, retweets etc.

Using Twellow is quite simple and only free registration is required to get listed there. So give Twellow, a try now.


  • Update your Twellow profile and categories
  • Interact with other users having same interest as you
  • Link your social networking profiles in your profile at Twellow
  • Search for the people matching exact keywords
  • Completely free to use

Twellow Says

Twellow makes it simple for you to connect with other Twitter users. You can connect with users having same interest as you.

Web Says

Twellow– Public Directory for Twitter accounts.



Boxcar- An Inbox For All Social Networking Notifications

Boxcar is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad which works like an inbox for all social networking notifications. It provides you the best platform to monitor all of your social netwoking accounts’ updates from one place.

It has the support of Facebook integration by which you get the push notification whenever there is  a  new message or notification in your Facebook account. It also opens the Facebook immediately in your favorite FB app.

While Boxcar has support for all social networking sites, but the best features and support is for Twitter. It sends you notification whenever there is new tweet, mentions, new followers etc. The best part of this app from the Twitter point of view is that it supports almost 35 Twitter apps and opens your favorite one immediately, whenever there is a new notification.

Boxcar also provides you a unique email account to which all of your important emails get forwarded. Boxcar only stores the sender’s name and nothing else. Along with the social networking sites mentioned above, it also supports Google Plus, Google Buzz etc.

Out of all remaining services that Boxcar supports, I would like to mention RSS syndication here by which you can get push notification whenever there is something new to read on your favorite websites.

So impressed from this awesome app?  Give it a try now.


  • The simplest way to monitor your social networking updates
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Voice, RSS Feed etc. integration and app recommendations
  • Unique email account to forward all of your incoming emails

Boxcar Says

Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you’re on the go or at your computer.

Web Says

Boxcar– Instant notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.



TwitterVision- Locate The Tweets

Twitter is one of the best way to virtually come across the people from all over the globe. You can use Twitter to find out the trend going in any particular part of world by tracking  behavior of tweets. Normally you see the tweets on your Twitter account. As Twitter does not offer you the location tracking feature, so you can’t come to know that from where the tweets are coming.

But you don’t need to worry about it as you can do this task with the Twitter tool named, TwitterVision. TwitterVision is  a great Twitter tool to track the location of tweets. You can use this tool to see that which tweet is coming from which part of world. You can see that what the people of Africa (or any other location, of course) are tweeting about. What’s the trendy topic in India, or in your locality.

Using the site is very simple. Just point your browser to their site and you will end up with 2D map on the homepage. If you don’t wish to work with 2D map, then you can also opt for 3D map. There you can see the whole globe on your screen. Clicking any particular location will show you tweets coming from that location. You can also click the Photos option on the top left to see the photos uploaded on Twitter by users from the location you selected. You can also allow this site to track your location which works on your IP address.

This service is completely free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Track the location of tweets
  • Check the trendy tweets nearby you
  • Use 2D or 3D map to track location, depending on your taste
  • Completely free to use



TwitterVision Says

Don’t know, from the where the tweets are flooding on your timeline? Use TwitterVision to track the Geo location of tweets.

Web Says

TwitterVision– Locate The Tweets