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TwtMaps – your twitter friends on a map

TwtMaps is a simple mashup that makes use of twitter and Google Maps. To try TwtMaps all you need to do is enter your twitter username.

All your twitter friends would be displayed to you on a map. You can also compare the locations of friends between two twitter users.


  • Find locations of all your twitter friends on a map
  • Mashup of twitter and Google Map


TwtMap Says

TwtMaps is a nifty new web app that allows you to enter your twitter name and get a map that shows all your friends locations, aswell as a little bit of info about each twitter friend.


  • TwtMaps – Find where your twitter friends are


  • @twtmaps – TwtMaps is a nifty web app that allows you to enter your twitter name & get a map that shows all your friends locations, as well as a little bit of info!

TwitterGram – send your Flickr pics to Twitter

TwitterGram is yet another Flickr – Twitter Mashup that seems great for twitter users with a Flickr account.

The application tweets your Flickr images automatically to your twitter account. Your Flickr account is checked every 10 minutes for updates. You can disable posting anytime you wish to.

If you want only specific Flickr images to be sent to your twitter account then you can specify a tag and only Flickr images with that tag would be posted to your twitter account.

You can specify Prefix and this would be added to your tweet everytime an image is shared.


  • Share Flickr images automatically on twitter
  • Option to tweet flickr images with the specified tag
  • Add a pre defined prefix to your tweets


TwitterGram Says

Send your Flickr pix to Twitter and show people what you’re up to.


InfiniteComic – random comic generator based on tweets

InfiniteComic is a random comic generator which generates comics based on the keywords entered by you.

The site fetches random images from Flickr and text is retrieved from twitter based on the keywords input by you. You can tweet the generated comics for your friends to see.

Alternatively, click the Advanced link and create your own little comic by providing the image URL and the text.


  • Generate comics out of keywords
  • Mashup of twitter and Flickr


InfiniteComic Says

The Infinite Monkey Comics random comic generator was semi-inspired by A Softer World, a web comic where two people take the time to put photos together with seemingly relevant text. Infinite Monkey Comics takes a similar approach, however with less deliberation (and even fewer humans), and presents you with a random image from Flickr superimposed with some random text off of Twitter based on keywords of your choosing. Think of it like the Infinite Monkey Theorem, however instead of reproducing Shakespeare those monkeys are creating original comics.



  • @infinitecomic – Plug into the internet’s collective consciousness! Tweet back and you might appear on our site!

Stweet – Google Street View meets Twitter

Stweet is a mashup of Google Street View and Twitter. This little application displays the location where a tweet was made from.

The site uses Google Street View to display the exact place from where the tweet apparently came from. It’s a nice way to pass time. There are a select few cities being supported right now but you can still try with your city, it might turn up!

Stweet refreshes automatically when a new tweet is made in the city that you are currently viewing.

By the way, if you want to just pin point your location on Google maps for your twitter followers to see, why don’t you try tmeet?


  • Mashup of Google Street View and Twitter
  • Displays exact location in street view based on tweets


Stweet Says

Stweet is a mix of street and twitt, offering a real new way to discover geolocalised twitts from Twitter on a Google Street View panorama.
Stweet is an artistic project dealing with the appropriation of geographical, photographic and real-time data from the Web.
It offers a real new way enriched representation of information created on internet by two major players of the web, Twitter and Google.


  • Stweet – Google Street View and Twitter mashup

Flittr – picture your words

Flittr is a mashup of Twitter and Flickr. Tweets from the twitter public timeline are retrieved and specific keywords are extracted from such tweets. The keywords are then used to search up photos on Flickr and a mosaic of such photos is displayed to users.

You can also Flittr your own tweets by adding your twitter username to this URL :


  • Twitter and Flickr mashup
  • Retrieves the latest tweets, searches Flickr for photos


Flittr Says

Flittr was created by James Harton in March 2009 as an experiment with in using Rails to mash up Twitter and Flickr.

The main Flittr page retrieves the latest tweet from the public timeline and fiddles with the text to generate a search term on Flickr and takes the sixteen highest results and displays them as a mosiac.


  • Flittr – Picture your words